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What does farm direct mean?

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Fresh Passion Fruit Picked from Our Farm

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The operating principle of P.F Farm is a simple one: using a one-stop direct mail service, passion fruit is delivered directly from the farm to customers, minimizing hassle and ensuring the freshness of the fruit. It truly is "Farm direct, Faster, Fresher!".


Family Farming

P.F Farm’s three new varieties, Florida No. 1, Florida No. 2. and Florida No. 3, are superior in texture, taste and nutritional contents compared to typical passion fruits in US market today. Through the P.F Farm, American consumers can enjoy passion fruits with full flavor, rich nutrition and authentic taste.

Nutritional Value

Passion fruit is rich in amino acids, vitamins, carotenoids, superoxide dismutase (SOD), selenium, and various trace elements. Passion fruit is rich in protein, fat, sugar, vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, and SOD enzymes. It is also known as the king of VC in fruits and has a unique taste .

Yummy Recipes

Passion fruit juice has excellent color, aroma, taste and nutrition. It is suitable for the human body and contains more than 160 kinds of beneficial ingredients such as 17 amino acids, multivitamins and trace elements. It is suitable for the production of fruit juice, jelly, jam and other products.



Eating recommendations:

Passion fruit stalks (commonly known as pedicles) are as dry as possible, and even the dehydrated and dried skin will not damage the quality of the pulp.

If you are not satisfied with the sweetness when eating out of the box, you can try to pick the dried passion fruit stems. The drier the better.

Once you can taste the fresh and sweet fresh fruits, you can also extend the eating period (more mature first). If the passion fruit stalk is very green, or the sweetness is not satisfactory, please put (the fruit for another day or two Eat) to ensure better flavor. 


Storage recommendations:

Please try to keep it in a cool and ventilated place, about one week at room temperature.

Do not put the whole passion fruit in the refrigerator to refrigerate.

Secret tips: The longer passion fruit was stored, the better it would be smelled with wrinkled peel.




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