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Passion Fruit with Chicken Feet


Chicken feet 2 catties

Garlic 15

Onion 1

Parsley Right amount

Spicy pepper 20

green pepper 15

lemon 1

Passion fruit 3-4

White sugar Right amount

soy sauce Right amount

vinegar Right amount

sesame oil Right amount

shallot 3-4

Cooking wine 2 scoops

Ginger 1


1. First cut off the nails of the chicken feet, split it in half, then simmer in the cold water pot, add 2 spoons of cooking wine and ginger slices, simmer in the cold water pot and cook for 6-9 minutes.

2. Cook the chicken feet and put them in the cold water prepared in advance for a few minutes until the chicken feet cool down

3. During the cooling period of the chicken feet, we cut the garlic into mash, coriander, shallots, slices of onion, millet spicy and green peppers, sliced lemon, sliced passion fruit in half to remove the flesh.

4. Finally, when the seasoning is ready, come to the seasoning juice. Put the seasoning prepared in the previous step in a large bowl, and then add raw soy sauce, vinegar, sugar, and sesame oil in order. Add your seasoning according to your personal taste. If the taste is heavy, you can put a little chicken essence

5. After preparing the sauce, put in the chicken feet and use your clean little hand to mix the sauce with the chicken feet.

6. Then cover with plastic wrap and chill overnight to make it taste even better

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