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Products Description

Florida No. 1

This purple-red passion fruit has a strong, fruity fragrance. It was introduced in July of this year!


Florida No. 2

A golden passion fruit that has a strong guava flavor and a high level of sweetness.


Florida No. 3

A purple passion fruit with a light sweet fragrance with hints of sourness that encourages your appetite. It was launched on May 1st of this year!



Eating & Storage

Eating recommendations:

Passion fruit stalks (commonly known as pedicles) are as dry as possible, and even the dehydrated and dried skin will not damage the quality of the pulp.

If you are not satisfied with the sweetness when eating out of the box, you can try to pick the dried passion fruit stems. The drier the better.

Once you can taste the fresh and sweet fresh fruits, you can also extend the eating period (more mature first). If the passion fruit stalk is very green, or the sweetness is not satisfactory, please put

(thefruit for another day or two Eat) to ensure better flavor. 

Storage recommendations:

Please try to keep it in a cool and ventilated place, about one week at room temperature.

Do not put the whole passion fruit in the refrigerator to refrigerate.

Secret tips: The longer passion fruit was stored, the better it would be smelled with wrinkled peel.




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