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Products Description

Florida No. 1

This purple-red passion fruit has a strong, fruity fragrance. 


Florida No. 2

A golden passion fruit that has a strong guava flavor and a high level of sweetness.


Florida No. 3

A purple passion fruit with a light sweet fragrance with hints of sourness that encourages your appetite. 



Selection & Storage

In the stores, buy fruits that are well ripe, plump and heavy for their size. Fruits with wrinkle surface are more flavorful and rich in sugar. 

Avoid overtly mature fruits. Minor cuts and spots are common on the skin. Such small abrasions on the fruit surface usually do not influence the quality of the fruit.

Once at home, keep them in fruit basket and place in a cool dark place where they stay well for 1-2 days. Ripe fruits may be maintained in the refrigerator for up to one week. Additionally, passion fruit freezes well. Simply scoop the pulp into a bowl, add a little sugar, and freeze in the chiller tray.

Sweet and Sour



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